We have been a long time advertiser in Food Industry News. The ads help us get not only good leads but they also help inform our prospects of our offerings. The ads let them know that we offer not only point of sale systems at the best prices but we also offer security systems to help operators control theft. Sehan Kim, President - Western Business Systems

We have advertised consistent monthly ads since Food Industry News started nearly 25 years ago. We find that advertising makes it easier for prospects to find us, which is invaluable. The leads that they provide are also a great resource. Our sales person has given us great ideas, support and service. Jim Loresch, General Manager - Olympic Maintenance

Advertising in Food Industry News has helped our sales over the past year. In the last 6 months, we had a 30 percent sales increase of foodservice accounts thanks to our consistent ad in Food Industry News. I have two new customers that furnished their entire restaurants with our furniture. Joe Cho, Owner - AAA Furniture Wholesale

After starting our advertising program, we got immediate response from new and existing customers. I know that we are effectively targeting our message because they reach key contacts who buy my plumbing parts and supplies. Mitch Miller, Owner - The Faucet Guy

We started advertising in Food Industry News with a 1/4 page ad 13 years ago and now run 3/4 of a page every month because it works. Service from Food Industry News and from Cary Miller is always impeccable. Cary is a great ambassador for our industry, and has been very helpful with advertising ideas, marketing strategy suggestions and helping us to grow. Thanks to our consistent ad program and high quality, we have a steady flow of new qualified prospects coming to us all the time. We get many calls on our ad. Richard Labriola, Founder and President - Labriola Baking Company, Alsip IL

I've got a lot of positive feedback from our ads in Food Industry News. The ads make a real statement about our company and the quality of our products, and have helped to get more buyers to know us. The ad is a great value and is a great salesman for us. Ted Lagios, VP - Crown Corned Beef Co., Chicago, IL

Food Industry News is the only advertising which generates for us. Now, 90% of my call in sales leads comes from Food Industry News. Paul Leff, Sales Manager - Retail Control Solutions, Inc (POSitouch)

The monthly Hot Leads Report they send to us are very useful for our sales people. These leads help them close the sale and stay on top of changes in the food industry. Mary Ganchoff - Plitt Seafood Company

We get a lot of calls from our ad in Food Industry News. I love the people who respond to our ad because they are always very nice, polite and professional. When they mention our ad, I even give them a special discount. We get more from Food Industry News than from my listing in the business to business Chicago Yellow Pages. I have had much more positive responses not to mention that the leads from Food Industry News are very helpful. Prescott Dunlap - Complete Card Services

Food Industry News is a well read and respectable paper. We get good quality leads every month with our ad in Food Industry News. The leads are much better than the Yellow Pages. They are the only publication that sends us leads with their Hot Leads Report that is mailed to us, not to mention the faxed leads that we get. These leads help us close the sale which helps pay for the advertising. Food Industry News is also a great guide to finding companies that we want to work with. Victor Lezza III - Lezza Spumoni and Desserts

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