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  5. We provide our clients with our Monthly Hot Leads Report which is filled with details on foodservice businesses with new owners, opening, expanding, under construction and changing hands.
  6. Our rates are affordable. Directory listing and Hot Leads Report programs start at $375 per year and annual display ad programs start at only $2724 per year.
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  8. We are known, read and quoted. Our company was founded in 1982. We continually strive to achieve our goals of making it easier for suppliers to save money on marketing expenses and to be more successful.
  9. If you like Direct Mail, we have the ability to distribute your brochures to our readers for as little as .09 cents per piece.
  10. Our high profile and involvement in the local food industry assures you that as professionals move around in the industry, your ads will help you to maintain constant contact and visibility with them.