We've been advertising in Food Industry News since the magazine was founded in 1982. It is important to us to stay in front of our customers, friends and prospects, and our ad program in Food Industry News helps us to achieve this. They reach the people we serve. Richard Klaskin, President - Empire Cooler Service

Our ad is definitely working. I am sold on advertising in Food Industry News. We now have more credibility, and are getting more referrals from other successful firms in the industry. We are doing more estimates than ever! If I had not dine the ad, I would not have several of the jobs we have now. For our line of work in the food industry, it's worth every penny! Vic Alampi, Owner - Avanti Air Systems

We've gotten quite a few calls from our first ads in Food industry News. Everything is great, including the leads, the magazine content and the personalized service we get from our salesperson! Kristine Schmitz, VP - Kool Technologies

We get calls on our ad every month from new prospects and old industry contacts. We enjoy the exposure we get from Food Industry News. Bob Geocaris, VP - Devanco Foods

At least 30% of my new business comes from leads generated by my ad program in Food Industry News. I do not even advertise in the yellow pages anymore. Joel Zulkowski - Custom Cooler

We've had close to 100 responses from our advertising and mailing program in Food Industry News, which is pretty darn good! We are very pleased with Food Industry News. Brad Caudill, Product Manager - Creekstone Farms

My consistent ads in Food Industry News get me calls from buyers. Having my competitors advertise has helped our response too. I know my ads are seen by buyers, and I'm often surprised at the great local and national calls we get. I am glad we are advertising in Food Industry News. It's great for firms like mine with a limited budget and no marketing department. I appreciate the help and service they provide for me. It works! Paula Dinardo - alGelato Bornay

From our first ad, our phone has been ringing off the hook, even on weekends! We are getting great new accounts for our grease tramping pumping and plumbing services. My existing clients have also called from the ad, which has enabled us to increase sales with our current and past customers. The ads enhance our credibility, and show our dedication to the food industry. Advertising in Food Industry News has been a win win situation for us. Hector Campos - Almighty Plumbing

With the Food Industry News new Hot Lead Fax, I am always the first company on the scene, and have an excellent shot at getting the business. All of the leads they send to me are very accurate. I have received other lead faxes in the past, but they are not even close to the quality of the ones I get from Food Industry News. It is the hottest lead sheet I've ever had. Cole Stone, Business Development Coordinator - Alsco / American Linen

Even after decreasing our Yellow Page ad spending by 50%, we've continued to see sales increases and calls from new accounts thanks to our consistent ads in Food Industry News. I am very confident that Food Industry News targets the markets we wish to serve, and I know that Food Industry News cost much less than the Yellow Pages too. Jim Moran - Fox Valley Fire

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