One of my biggest customers came from our ad in Food Industry News Richard Labriola - Labriola Baking Company

We've been advertising in F.I.N. since the beginning, and now get at least 4 or 5 calls a day regarding new or used equipment. Mark Raber - Ramar Supply

I'm happy the way Food Industry News helps us out. We've found Food Industry News to be much more effective for OUR BUSINESS than the Yellow Pages. Food Industry News costs much less than the Yellow Pages too. We've found Yellow Page advertising to be worthless. Because our budget is limited, we've got to put your money where it works, like Food Industry News. Darren Ford - Sta-Kleen (2000 testimonial)

The paper helps us so much, we've just bought another building. Darren Ford - Sta-Kleen (2001 testimonial)

The response from our ads in Food Industry News keeps getting better and better. I now get at least one new call every week from my ad. The ad has helped us to increase our sales to upscale foodservice and retail operations, locally and nationally. Dean Poulos, Vice President - Homer’s Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream

Reaching owners and decision makers of restaurants has never been easy for us. Because we specialize in selling authentic props and antique theme decorations, the task of finding qualified prospects is even harder for us. The exposure we get from our consistent ads in Food Industry News has proved to be an easy, affordable and effective way for our customers to see us, and more importantly, stay in front of prospects and future customers. The more ads we run in Food Industry News, the more referrals and inquiries we get. Bill Rawski, Owner - Zap Antique and Props, Chicago, IL

We’ve been advertising in Food Industry News since their first issue in 1982. Since then, our business has grown tremendously. The paper helps us get calls from customers and qualified prospects, from coast to coast. I am proud to say we are celebrating our 35th year in business, and plan to continue advertising in Food Industry News. It reaches our markets. Jerry Saviano - President, Regal Seating

One of my best customers has come to me through my advertising in Food Industry News. I've earned customers who purchased their first truck from me, and recently one purchased their 13th from us. Michele Royals - D&STruckCenter, Hodgkins, IL

I can always tell when Food Industry News hits the street because my phone starts to ring. My advertising brings me dozens of good prospects. Many of whom I am able to save a lot of money for their chemical needs. I'm glad I'm advertising in Food Industry News because it is very profitable. Dick Heithoff - Total Management Systems

Our consistent ads in Food Industry News have helped us to sell many of our top of the line super automatic espresso and cappuccino machines to upscale operations. We also get excellent leads and results from using the monthly Hot Leads Report. We are glad we started advertising with them. R.J. Bae - Espresso Best Inc.

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