The Food Industry News Family


Cary Miller, Vice President

Cary has been working in the food industry since 1977. As a youngster his career ambition was to become a butler. His passion to serve was obvious at each of his parent’s parties. With a degree in Hospitality Industry Administration, the early years of his career was focused on utilizing his culinary skills. This developed into a front of the house management career. While employed as a restaurant manager, each of his reviews noted his natural sales ability. One day, while having a cup of coffee at the restaurant he was managing, he began reading his favorite trade publication, Food Industry News. A brainstorm had occurred. Cary realized he could fulfill his lifelong passions of service and excellence in the hospitality industry with a career in publishing. That was in 1988. Since then, he has climbed the ladder and is now Vice President of Foodservice Publishing Company, the publisher of Food Industry News. Cary’s professional mission is to help and support those in the food industry. His involvement with many local industry associations (The Food and Beverage Equipment Executives, Chicago Foodservice Marketing Club, The Illinois Restaurant Association, The Chicago Chefs of Cuisine, The Windy City Culinarians and The Escoffier Society) keeps him busy.


Valerie Miller, Publisher

Valerie Miller has worked at Food Industry News in various capacities since 1985, and has been the Publisher of Food Industry News since March of 2013. She enjoys helping chefs to get free PR by featuring them in the “Chef Profile” section of Food Industry News. Her dining column “Around Chicago” reports on new and note worthy restaurants in all segments of the Greater Chicagoland hospitality industry. Valerie’s passion for travel and the travel industry has led her to over 67 countries, and has given her great depth and knowledge as to where to stay and travel to across the globe. Her monthly travel column is called “Travel with Valerie Miller”. She has worked in the hospitality industry since the age of 16. Valerie’s email is

Alan Fethiere, Associate Publisher

Alan brings 25 years of graphic design and publication layout experience in the print and digital realm. Before joining Food Industry News in 2022, he worked at Shriners Children’s hospital in Chicago, serving as its principal graphic artist for over 20 years. Prior to that, Alan worked as an assistant editor at Inland Press Association, a newspaper trade organization where he provided design support and contributed short pieces for its publication, the Inlander. Beyond graphic design, Alan enjoys photography and has dabbled in website development, having done periodic freelance work in those areas over the years. Though it may not look like it, his last name: Féthière, more accurately sounds like “fay-chare”, but he doesn't hold grudges against anyone who upon first meeting him pronounces it something closer to "feathery." He's used to it.

Terry Minnich, Editor

Terry Minnich has been the Editor of Food Industry News for seven years. In that time he has learned from Publisher Jim Contis the art of researching and seeking out trends in the food industry. He conveys this information in the form of short stories, news segments and tidbits to a targeted readership in the Midwest tri-state area of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. All press releases and related material may be sent to