Ad Production Specifications


Food Industry News is a tabloid size publication printed with the web 4-color process, on premium glossy stock.

The specifications for providing ads to us are as follows:

We need 300 dip, CMYK (electronic) PDF files.

Deadlines: We need the new artwork files the first week of the month for the following month's issue.

Example: the week of 4-1 for the May issue. Our space deadlines are 45 days prior to publication. Food Industry news comes out the first of each month.

For additional details or time extentions, please call Mark Braun, Associate Publisher, Food Industry News, 847/699-3300.


(single page) inserts with binding flap Hanger (remainder) tab: 4" minimum width Depth: 3-1/2" minimum height Note: Inserts or cards with a flap of less than 4" may misfeed resulting in some books without inserts. Insets or cards with less than 4" flap will incur a 40% premium. Spoilage: 3% is allowed.

Bind-In and Blow-In Cards Postal regulations require all business reply cards to have a minimum weight of 75 lb. (7 point card stock) and a minimum thickness of .007%. Cards should be supplied folded with perforations at least 1/4" from the spine. Allow 3/16" head trim (grind off) to insert cards. Minimum card size: 5"X3-1/2" plus a 4" remainder tab Maximum card size: 6"X4-1/4" plus a 4" remainder tab.

To ensure accuracy, please provide a sample and/or specs of your planned insert as soon as possible, to Mark Braun, Associate Publisher, Food Industry News, 847-699-3300. Production questions should also be directed to Mark Braun.