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Our Print Circulation


Our Chicagoland Region Circulation
(Our Market Generates $34 Billion In Sales Annually)

Local Chicagoland Circulation:

10,827 Independent & fine dining restaurants, caterers and chefs.

Country clubs, hotels, resorts, motels and banquet halls.

3,742 Bars, taverns, nightclubs, liquor stores and liquor license holders.

Independent supermarkets and convenience stores.

2,974 Distributors, cash & carry outlets, manufacturers, suppliers & reps.

1,772 Casinos, contract and private feeders, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, universities, airlines, office cafeterias, plus miscellaneous subscriptions to culinary schools, military buyers, malls, bakeries, churches, theaters, amusement parks and more.

Our NATIONAL Chain Headquarter Circulation Includes:

Key Restaurant and Hotel Chain Headquarters, Supermarket and C-Store Chain Headquarters and Casino Chain Headquarters.

Total (Approximate) Monthly Certified Monthly Circulation: 21,760
Note: We print additional copies every month for direct distribution at many local, national and regional trade shows, meetings and industry events.

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  • Local Chicagoland Market Exposure.

  • National Chain Headquarter Exposure Across The US.

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