Insert Direct Mail Rates

Looking For A More Effective and Affordable Way To Mail Your Brochure, Catalog, Sell Sheet, Rebate Form or Mailer?

Let us help you get your piece directly into the hands of buyers for a fraction of the cost of typical direct mail efforts.

Join the successful firms we’ve helped and saved money for by inserting your piece into Food Industry News. Direct mail pieces going directly into the garbage are a common occurrence. Because our readers pick up and use our publication you can rest assured that your piece will be seen and read. And because we’re already paying the postage to mail our publication to our readers, you can save money by piggybacking your piece into our publication.

We have several insert options:

This option gives you the lowest inserting cost. You design your mailer so that the main portion of the piece is at least 6" wide. The piece must also have a "remainder tab" (3.5" minimum) which will in another section of the publication. The insert is stapled into Food Industry News between the remainder tab and the main portion of the card. Your remainder tab can be used as another ad seen in the different section of the magazine or as a business reply card to generate sales leads. The inserting charge for the card insert starts at only .09 cents per issue, based on 21,700 inserts.


Glued in insert is secured with removable glue.

This option works great for 8.5" x 11" and other size brochures. The piece is placed on a prominent page and is easily noticed, seen and read by our readers. We offer discounted rates for 4 and 6 page brochures. The inserting charge for this type of insert starts at only .12 cents per issue, based on 21,700 inserts.


This method give you the opportunity to have your brochure placed wither inside or on top of Food Industry News by enclosing it within a Polly-Bag along with a copy of Food Industry News. Rates for this are based on the piece size, weight and shape and will be quoted per request.


All inserts must be approved by us prior to publication. We request artwork or an actual piece be sent to us so that we may confirm its usability with our printer.

Size specifications for our card inserts are:

Size specifications for our glued in inserts are:

To obtain a quote for inserting your piece into Food Industry News, please contact our offices, at 847/699-3300, or e-mail Cary Miller, Vice President, at