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How To Use Food Industry News


Food Industry News has tremendous benefit to professionals in every aspects of our industry.

Here are some ways we feel are the best ways to use our monthly publication.

Staff Training. Clip out articles and hang them on the wall in employee break areas, make copies and insert them into their paychecks, Use our signs to remind employees to use suggestive selling techniques to increase sales and service.

Buying and Vendor Selection. Our advertisers are hungry for your business. Most advertise consistently, however, if you remember seeing an ad that is not in the issue you are looking at, feel free to contact our office and we will help; you locate that vendor.

Quotes. We encourage you to clip and post the motivational and inspirational quotes used throughout Food Industry News.

Buyer’s Guides. We encourage you to support our clients by referring to our magazine and internet buyers guides when you are seeking new vendors. The current economic situation has many buyers establishing new vendor relationships and our directory listings are designed to help facilitate this.

Classified Ads. Whether you are buying or selling your business, you’ll enjoy looking though our classified ads. We are proud to have more restaurant for sale ads than the Sunday Chicago Tribune and Sunday Chicago Sun Times Combined!

Local News. We make it easy for you to follow the gossip in the local Chicagoland food industry.

National News. Read this column to for a glance at what’s happening across the US’ food industry.

Nuggets. This contains fun, interesting facts we discovered while searching for other facts. Warning- These factoids may make you appear to be a more knowledgeable and interesting individual!

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