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"We have been a long time advertiser in Food Industry News. The ads help us get not only good leads but they also help inform our prospects of our offerings. The ads let them know that we offer not only point of sale systems at the best prices but we also offer security systems to help operators control theft." Western Business Systems, Sehan Kim, President

"We have advertised consistent monthly ads since Food Industry News started nearly 25 years ago. We find that advertising makes it easier for prospects to find us, which is invaluable. The leads that they provide are also a great resource. Our sales person has given us great ideas, support and service." Olympic Maintenance, Jim Loresch, General Manager

"Advertising in Food Industry News has helped our sales over the past year. In the last 6 months, we had a 30 percent sales increase of foodservice accounts thanks to our consistent ad in Food Industry News. I have two new customers that furnished their entire restaurants with our furniture." AAA Furniture Wholesale, Joe Cho, Owner

"After starting our advertising program, we got immediate response from new and existing customers. I know that we are effectively targeting our message because they reach key contacts who buy my plumbing parts and supplies." The Faucet Guy, Mitch Miller, Owner

"We started advertising in Food Industry News with a 1/4 page ad 13 years ago and now run 3/4 of a page every month because it works. Service from Food Industry News and from Cary Miller is always impeccable. Cary is a great ambassador for our industry, and has been very helpful with advertising ideas, marketing strategy suggestions and helping us to grow. Thanks to our consistent ad program and high quality, we have a steady flow of new qualified prospects coming to us all the time. We get many calls on our ad." Labriola Baking Company, Alsip IL, Richard Labriola, Founder and President

"I've got a lot of positive feedback from our ads in Food Industry News. The ads make a real statement about our company and the quality of our products, and have helped to get more buyers to know us. The ad is a great value and is a great salesman for us." Crown Corned Beef Co., Chicago, IL, Ted Lagios, VP

"Food Industry News is the only advertising which generates for us. Now, 90% of my call in sales leads comes from Food Industry News." Retail Control Solutions, Inc (POSitouch) , Paul Leff, Sales Manager

"The monthly Hot Leads Report they send to us are very useful for our sales people. These leads help them close the sale and stay on top of changes in the food industry." Plitt Seafood Company, Mary Ganchoff

"We get a lot of calls from our ad in Food Industry News. I love the people who respond to our ad because they are always very nice, polite and professional. When they mention our ad, I even give them a special discount. We get more from Food Industry News than from my listing in the business to business Chicago Yellow Pages. I have had much more positive responses not to mention that the leads from Food Industry News are very helpful. " Complete Card Services, Prescott Dunlap

"Food Industry News is a well read and respectable paper. We get good quality leads every month with our ad in Food Industry News. The leads are much better than the Yellow Pages. They are the only publication that sends us leads with their Hot Leads Report that is mailed to us, not to mention the faxed leads that we get. These leads help us close the sale which helps pay for the advertising. Food Industry News is also a great guide to finding companies that we want to work with. " Lezza Spumoni and Desserts, Victor Lezza III

"We've been advertising in Food Industry News since the magazine was founded in 1982. It is important to us to stay in front of our customers, friends and prospects, and our ad program in Food Industry News helps us to achieve this. They reach the people we serve." Empire Cooler Service, Richard Klaskin, President

"Our ad is definitely working. I am sold on advertising in Food Industry News. We now have more credibility, and are getting more referrals from other successful firms in the industry. We are doing more estimates than ever! If I had not dine the ad, I would not have several of the jobs we have now. For our line of work in the food industry, it's worth every penny!" Avanti Air Systems, Vic Alampi, Owner

"We've gotten quite a few calls from our first ads in Food industry News. Everything is great, including the leads, the magazine content and the personalized service we get from our salesperson!" Kool Technologies , Kristine Schmitz, VP

"We get calls on our ad every month from new prospects and old industry contacts. We enjoy the exposure we get from Food Industry News." Devanco Foods, Bob Geocaris, VP

"At least 30% of my new business comes from leads generated by my ad program in Food Industry News. I do not even advertise in the yellow pages anymore." Custom Cooler, Joel Zulkowski

"We've had close to 100 responses from our advertising and mailing program in Food Industry News, which is pretty darn good! We are very pleased with Food Industry News." Creekstone Farms, Brad Caudill, Product Manager

"My consistent ads in Food Industry News get me calls from buyers. Having my competitors advertise has helped our response too. I know my ads are seen by buyers, and I'm often surprised at the great local and national calls we get. I am glad we are advertising in Food Industry News. It's great for firms like mine with a limited budget and no marketing department. I appreciate the help and service they provide for me. It works!" alGelato Bornay, Paula Dinardo

"From our first ad, our phone has been ringing off the hook, even on weekends! We are getting great new accounts for our grease tramping pumping and plumbing services. My existing clients have also called from the ad, which has enabled us to increase sales with our current and past customers. The ads enhance our credibility, and show our dedication to the food industry. Advertising in Food Industry News has been a win win situation for us." Almighty Plumbing, Hector Campos

"With the Food Industry News new Hot Lead Fax, I am always the first company on the scene, and have an excellent shot at getting the business. All of the leads they send to me are very accurate. I have received other lead faxes in the past, but they are not even close to the quality of the ones I get from Food Industry News. It is the hottest lead sheet I've ever had." Alsco / American Linen, Cole Stone, Business Development Coordinator

"Even after decreasing our Yellow Page ad spending by 50%, we've continued to see sales increases and calls from new accounts thanks to our consistent ads in Food Industry News. I am very confident that Food Industry News targets the markets we wish to serve, and I know that Food Industry News cost much less than the Yellow Pages too." Fox Valley Fire, Jim Moran

"One of my biggest customers came from our ad in Food Industry News" Labriola Baking Company, Richard Labriola

"We've been advertising in F.I.N. since the beginning, and now get at least 4 or 5 calls a day regarding new or used equipment." Ramar Supply , Mark Raber

"I'm happy the way Food Industry News helps us out. We've found Food Industry News to be much more effective for OUR BUSINESS than the Yellow Pages. Food Industry News costs much less than the Yellow Pages too. We've found Yellow Page advertising to be worthless. Because our budget is limited, we've got to put your money where it works, like Food Industry News." Sta-Kleen (2000 testimonial), Darren Ford

"The paper helps us so much, we've just bought another building." Sta-Kleen (2001 testimonial), Darren Ford

"The response from our ads in Food Industry News keeps getting better and better. I now get at least one new call every week from my ad. The ad has helped us to increase our sales to upscale foodservice and retail operations, locally and nationally." Homer’s Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream , Dean Poulos, Vice President

"Reaching owners and decision makers of restaurants has never been easy for us. Because we specialize in selling authentic props and antique theme decorations, the task of finding qualified prospects is even harder for us. The exposure we get from our consistent ads in Food Industry News has proved to be an easy, affordable and effective way for our customers to see us, and more importantly, stay in front of prospects and future customers. The more ads we run in Food Industry News, the more referrals and inquiries we get." Zap Antique and Props, Chicago, IL, Bill Rawski, Owner

"We’ve been advertising in Food Industry News since their first issue in 1982. Since then, our business has grown tremendously. The paper helps us get calls from customers and qualified prospects, from coast to coast. I am proud to say we are celebrating our 35th year in business, and plan to continue advertising in Food Industry News. It reaches our markets." President, Regal Seating, Jerry Saviano

"One of my best customers has come to me through my advertising in Food Industry News. I've earned customers who purchased their first truck from me, and recently one purchased their 13th from us." D&STruckCenter, Hodgkins, IL , Michele Royals

"I can always tell when Food Industry News hits the street because my phone starts to ring. My advertising brings me dozens of good prospects. Many of whom I am able to save a lot of money for their chemical needs. I'm glad I'm advertising in Food Industry News because it is very profitable." Total Management Systems , Dick Heithoff

"Our consistent ads in Food Industry News have helped us to sell many of our top of the line super automatic espresso and cappuccino machines to upscale operations. We also get excellent leads and results from using the monthly Hot Leads Report. We are glad we started advertising with them." Espresso Best Inc. , R.J. Bae

"My response has been good on my larger size full color ad in Food Industry News. I am getting calls from places I would have never received If I not for the ads. We've also received regional, and national chain leads." Tropics Frozen Cocktails, Lee Fayette

"I was one of the first advertisers in the paper over 20 years ago. Over the years, our business has grown along with the paper. I even receive booth orders which are shipped outside the U.S. Food Industry News plays a key role in my marketing and advertising plan. I put my money where it works, this is the only advertising I do." Precision Booth Company, Chicago Mike

"I think the Food Industry News website is laid out beautifully! Great pictures, helpful content, VERY informative!" Americaneagle.com, Anna Hanna, Web Expert

""What I like about Food Industry News is that it gives me fast access to many suppliers when I need them. It is an excellent reference tool for buying. I also like the pictures they run every month and short articles. It's a great publication. I am proud to support them." Armondo Vasquez, Executive Chef/Partner LaScarola Italian Restaurant, Chicago " LaScarola Italian Restaurant, Chicago, Armondo Vasquez, Executive Chef/Partner

""I like the short stories on all of various topics featured in Food Industry News. I always read the ads and use it to find new vendors for our growing chain." Barry Books, Executive Chef, Operating Partner Roti Mediterranean " Roti Mediterranean, Barry Books, Executive Chef, Operating Partner

"The Food Industry News is no ordinary trade magazine - it actually gets read! The countless tidbits on how to be a better professional are often parallel to being a good person; and in some cases, a good father. The advertisers will be happy to know that we share their ads with our clients. The magazine has also embraced our community like no other periodical, and generates results like no other print media. Hats off to the team at FIN. Mario Ponce, noted industry consultant and author Partners In Hospitality " Partners In Hospitality, Mario Ponce, noted industry consultant and author

""Getting to know the team at Food Industry News has been an honor. I have worked with Cary on a few industry events and can only praise the level of professionalism that went into the projects. Cary Miller himself is an outstanding gentleman, a very smart man and he knows everybody! The food service industry needs more professional organizations and individuals such as Food Industry News and Cary Miller." Michael Vai, Director of Operations 309 at The Junction, Peoria, Illinois " 309 at The Junction, Peoria, Illinois, Michael Vai, Director of Operations

"I have been in the culinary industry for over 50 years and have found the food industry news to be my number one source, in fact, the Publisher, Jim Contis is my hero! He always says it as it is. I have work with Cary Miller on numerous projects and have the highest regards for him. At this time I am retired and involved in consulting and several organizations. This publication keeps me informed. John W. Kaufmann Certified Executive Chef, member, American Academy of Chefs, Chairman Les Amis d Escoffier Society of Chicago, President Chicago Culinary Museum and Chefs Hall of Fame " Chicago Culinary Museum and Chefs Hall of Fame, John W. Kaufmann

"“I just want to thank you for Food Industry News and for your involvement in the Community. Food Industry News is a great resource for training and purchasing. I like it that your articles are always right to the point.” Steven Hartenstein, Director of Operations PHIL STEFANI SIGNATURE RESTAURANTS LOCATIONS AND OPERATIONS: Phil Stefani's 437 Rush, Riva on Navy Pier, Tuscany (Taylor St., Oak Brook, Wheeling) Tavern on Rush, Stefani's Tuscany Cafe (77 W Wacker Drive, O'Hare, Midway Airport) Luigi Stefani's Pizzeria (Midway Airport) Stefani's Tuscany Cafe (520 N Michigan Avenue) Crystal Garden, Harborside International Golf Course, Castaways, The Beer Garden at Navy Pier Chicago Restaurant Partners-McCormick Place Food Service Chicago Signature Services-Navy Pier Food Service Phil Stefani Signature Events, Tuscany Sauces & Products " PHIL STEFANI SIGNATURE RESTAURANTS , Steven Hartenstein, Director of Operations

"I read Food Industry News every month. The articles are short and to the point which is why I like it. And I use it as a buying reference. I also like the local news and activities to see who is doing what. Kenny Raskin, Owner Manny's Delicatessen and Coffee Shop " Kenny Raskin, Owner, Manny's Delicatessen and Coffee Shop

""Food Industry News is a virtual tutorial for anyone who has interest in, and wants to learn about the food and restaurant industry in our area. I love the quips, and bits of wisdom, but the hard information is probably just as valuable to me. I make it a point to share this wonderful publication with staff, friends, family and customers. Keep up the good work!" Carol Mosley Braun, President, Ambassador Organics and Former US Senator " Ambassador Organics and Former US Senator, Carol Mosley Braun, President

""I look forward to receiving Food Industry News....it keeps me up to date on what's going on and I often share articles with my staff and students at Washburne Culinary Institute" (Chicago's oldest culinary school). William Reynolds, Provost Washburne Culinary Institute, Chicago City Colleges " Washburne Culinary Institute, Chicago City Colleges, William Reynolds, Provost

""I always look forward to receiving the new issue of Food Industry News. It allows me the opportunity to see local, regional and national news items related to our industry and profession that are easily highlighted and quick to read." Michael Garbin, CEC, AAC, HGT Executive Chef, Union League Club of Chicago (Voted #1 private Club in the US, 2009) " Michael Garbin, Executive Chef, CEC, AAC, HGT, Union League Club of Chicago (Voted #1 private Club in the US, 2009)