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Suppliers Selling into Chicagoland Need Us


Top Reasons Suppliers Selling Into The Chicagoland Market Advertise In Food Industry News.

The vast size of the region and high number of outlets.

Buyers are too busy to take cold calls and will often "hide" when sales people cold call their operations.

To educate the market about everything you have to offer.

The high cost of hiring direct sales people.

The high fees associated with hiring a sales agency or food broker to represent you.

To maintain control and visibility even if your sales team or broker does not get you the visibility you need.

To help your sales people to have more, qualified prospects in their sales pipeline.

To educate prospects why you are the best value and best solution for their needs.

To help you pull your products though the distribution channels in our market.

To help you go after the business your competitors now have.

To help you build your reputation and have your company seen and known the way you want it to be.

To help thwart off bad PR and negative word of mouth.

To generate walk in traffic at your cash and carry operation or office.

To increase employee morale and show you are doing all you can to succeed.

To be part of the Chicagoland market and the industry.

To overcome price resistance in advance of a sales call.

To have a ubiquitous presence and get buyers to "see you" even if they wont take your calls or see your people.

To reach new operations opening every month and to reach the buyers operating these locations.

To maintain visibility to former customers who have changed jobs.

To increase your referrals, top of mind awareness, brand awareness and name recognition.

And the most important reason of all,

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