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Targeting the Chicago Market Pays


Top Reasons Why Targeting the Chicago Market is Smart Business

1. The high number of independent and local independently owned chains gives you the opportunity to go after high margin "street business."

2. Because Chicago is internationally renowned as a great "Great Restaurant City" keeps the competition for quality high. Our readers are constantly on the look out for new, better and higher quality solutions to their needs.

3. The high number of high number of operations in our market, make cold calling very expensive, ineffective and laborious.

4. Because of the tight proximity of this region, it’s easy to do business here if you have a large enough sales force. If not, (or if you do) Food Industry News can save you time and money on getting to the right buyers in a timely manner.

5. The Chicagoland region is in the heart of the Midwestern region of the United States. You may already be shipping product through our region to serve other areas. Having strong distribution and sales in our market may allow you to serve your other markets more effectively.

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